For safety and to show respect to your instructor and class, please observe the following rules when in the dojo.

*   Always acknowledge the instructor when he enters the dojo.

*   If a student more senior than you is standing behind you at the entrance, let him / her go in first.  This also applies to lining up in the dojo.

*   Ask permission to leave the class - for any circumstance.

*   Students must always endeavour to arrive on time.  In the event that the student is late, they must quickly change into their gi, kneel and await the instructor's permission to join the class.  Do not leave early without permission of the instructor.


*   Shoes are to be left at the front or outside the dojo with socks inside.  Please line them up neatly.  Do not obstruct the exit way with any belongings.​

*   Do not stand around at the front of the dojo (the shomen area).

*   Standing at attention or sit upright (either kneeling  or sitting cross-legged) during class.  Do not stand with hands on hips, arms folded, lean on walls or any other careless manner.  Do not sit with legs outstretched as this also shows disrespect.

*   When changing positions in the dojo, do not walk through the rows.  As much as possible, walk around the outside or between rows.

*   No talking during instructions and sit if other students are behind you.

*   Inappropriate conduct, such as the use of profanity, obscene gestures or actions and unnecessary roughness towards fellow students or the instructor is prohibited.

*   Students must not talk during class, but if they have any questions they should ask a senior student at the end of the class.

*   Please keep fingernails and toenails short and hair neat as not to injure yourself or others.

*   Karate Gi (uniform) to be worn to classes.

*   Karate Gi to be kept clean and white at all times.

*   Karate logo to be sown on the left hand side of the Gi.


*   After Gradings (tests) all stripes to be sown onto the belts.​

*   There is no Kumite (sparring) permitted without the instructor's permission and supervision.


*   Address your Sempai (Mentor) as such "YES SEMPAI" or "NO SEMPAI".


*   Students may not chew gum or eat while in class.​

*   Refrain from outbursts and comments no matter what.

*   Refrain from violent behaviour.

*   Students should never use their skills, except in self-defence.

*   Demonstrate your utmost courtesy in regards to anything that concerns karate or to your dojo, whether during training or not, both on and off the premises and especially when representing your dojo. 

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