It never ceases to amaze me when people get to brown belt then quit karate. It’s the equivalent of running half a marathon, then stopping, and it’s such a pity, because earning a black belt is an achievement that you can look back on your whole life with pride. Moreover, it’s an achievement that can motivate you forever.
The number one thing that a black belt says about a person is that they are persistent. It takes on average 4-6 years to earn a Karate black belt, and that’s not something you can rush. If you train with diligence and dedication several days a week, you might shave a year or even two off that, but it’s becoming (thankfully) rarer and rarer to see people accomplish it in under 3 years.

So when you are applying for your next job, or a place in university, make sure that you place your black belt high on your list of accomplishments, because that tells anyone who is looking, that you have already shown nearly half a decade of consistent effort and vision.

Here are some other things that a black belt says about you

• That you have staying power
• That you show attention to detail
• That you can take physical and mental discomfort in your stride
• That you are loyal
• That you can set and follow through on a goal
• That you are courageous
• That you are internally motivated
• That you understand and show respect
• That you are a team player
• That you can show restraint

So if you ever consider quitting, after three, four, five years of training, lift your chin up, take a deep breath, and get back to the dojo. When you put on your black belt, believe me, you’ll be so glad you stuck the course!

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