Our Adult and Family classes have been designed so that as an individual you can enjoy the benefits of karate, however as a family all family members can do something together and enjoy the benefits.

Benefits of Karate for Adults

Goju-Ryu karate is essentially a process of change.

    * A weak person will become strong.
    * A strong person will learn to control and harness their strength.
    * An aggressive individual will learn self-control.
    * A passive person will develop confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Many of the benefits of Goju-Ryu karate training becomes apparent after only a few sessions and they continue to develop over many years.


Goju-Ryu karate will see improvement in your strength, stamina and suppleness. At the beginning of class it is common practice to spend ten to fifteen minutes going through a series of exercises designed to prepare the body for training by warming up the muscles and stretching the joints. These exercises, combined with the effort involved in performing the punches, kicks, and other techniques of Goju-Ryu Karate, have the effect of improving the level of health and fitness.


As well as improving physical well-being, Goju-Ryu karate develops a positive mental approach. Research indicates that those individuals who exercise regularly seem to show higher levels of emotional maturity, calmness and a greater ability to make accurate judgements when under pressure than those who do no training of any kind. As your fitness levels increase, so will your imagination, self-sufficiency and confidence, which manifest itself in a more positive attitude to life. This improvement occurs when you overcome difficult physical and psychological tasks. Remember, success comes from your own efforts and hard work.


Simply practising techniques is not enough to achieve mastery. You must strive to improve the moral and spiritual qualities of your life, constantly facing your own weaknesses and inadequacies with a view to self-improvement. The most famous example of this way of life is known as Bushido (the way of the warrior) which was the code of honour followed by the Japanese samurai. It stresses responsibility for one's actions, respect between seniors and juniors, duty, honesty, obligation and the development of a strong spirit.

While these values may seem old-fashioned or excessive by modern standards, it is vital to maintain them, as without them there would be little or no morality to, so allowing self-indulgence and brutality free rein.


Goju-Ryu karate will not only improve your ability to defend yourself against physical attack, but will also improve your speed, timing, awareness, mobility and striking ability. Sparring prepares you for a fight by exposing you to an opponent, so enabling them to experience the nerves or 'adrenaline rush' caused by facing a higher-graded or more skilful person.

We will not only be teaching technique but also the correct attitudes which are an integral part of Goju-Ryu. It is most important to realise that Goju-Ryu karate is not about developing well-trained brutes, but training well balanced people.

Good luck in your journey.

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